Amazing Experience Of Andaman Islands

So, it was a long due…

As many of my friends asked about my Trip, Here is my Blog on my last Trip to Andamans!!

It is a long one, so have a little patience and live the moment through my words.

Very few of you know about it, there is a small town in Jharkhand, Deoghar, which is famous as it inherits one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India.

So, My journey started from Deoghar on 28th of March’21.Since this place is quite small and hence the airport is yet to be operational, I travelled to Howrah via Train. I took a train midnight and reached early morning of 29th March’21 , Can’t express the peace of travelling in night trains especially when you have to get down at the final Destination, there is no hurry and only pleasure of sleeping in abundance.

I took a cab from Howrah railway station to the airport, it took around 40 mins and ride was so refreshing and chilling.

My Booking was in Spicejet from Kolkata➡️ Port Blair, which is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The flight got rescheduled twice and somehow I was able to board the flight by 3:05 P.M, I know you guys must be thinking what this girl did all this while, I got my RT-PCR verified 3 times, did bit of window shopping and satisfied my tastebuds with KFC Chicken Popcorn, that’s my Favorite 😋.

I landed at 5:19 P.M at Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair and since it’s a defence Airport, you are not supposed to click any pictures and the checking was pretty strict as well. I had 3 rounds of Document Verification before Leaving the Airport Premise. It scared the shit out of me thinking what happens if they will send me back 😰.

A friend of mine, Local over there was outside the airport and suggested we visit his chai-time spot for some delicious Vada and Chutney along with Adrak wali Chai. And trust me it has the goddamn Authentic taste and I visited that spot almost everyday until I boarded my return flight.

We finished the snack by 6 and decided to go to Light and Sound Show @7:15 P.M at the Cellular Jail, which was the first on the List. The show was good and it showed the plight of Indians captivated in the Cellular Jail and inhumanity that was imposed on them.

But genuine rating, I would rate it as 6/10 , as I did not enjoyed it that grand. I was almost at the end of the Day of 29th March’21, I was happy that I managed to utilise the day to maximum potential. I had dinner at my friend’s place and we slept off to wake up early on 30th March’21.

The Next day started pretty early @4:15 A.M, we had Black Tea and left for the Harbour to get the Ferry that operates from Portblair to Havelock Islands. We booked our tickets in the government Ferry rather than the Private ones as you have the privilege to go to the top of the Ship in the government ships and one can witness the view and the Flying fishes playing through the waves. Our Ship was “Bambooka" and it was an amazing experience. The crew was humble enough to invite us to the Deck and the view was a different experience and there was blissful silence, beauty of the nature and pure interospection moment, all at a moment.

It took us around 2hrs 40 mins to reach Havelock Islands and the harbour was packed with people as the same ship operates back to Portblair. We managed to get some space to move out of the Harbour. The best part was the Stay, one of my friends managed to get us booking in PWD guest house and it was just outside the Harbour. We got into the rooms, changed and went out for Breakfast. Post Breakfast we decided to see Kala Pathar Beach. We rented the scooty and it charged 600/ day. The Beach was not at all crowded, and the view from the road itself was Breathtaking. It was all Blue waters and white Sand.

We had Snorkeling rods and we practiced a bit so that we can ace all water sports. We spent good 3–4 hours there as it was so calm, water was clear , the beach was clean and no chaos at all. We had Coconut water and left for some snacks, which is pretty famous among Locals, they call it Chatpati there, isn’t the name Tempting 😋

One of our friends, who do Bird Watching, asked us to get up early the next day for Radha Nagar Beach. We saw small crabs everywhere and he managed to get some amazing Bird Pictures for his Collection.It was all green like a very small ecosystem and again very peaceful and clean.

After the Radha Nagar Beach, we finished our breakfast and decided to go for water sports. We partnered with a local guy, again a friend of ours,who assured for almost all water sports on Elephant Beach, and we treeked to the Beach, and it was 2km easy Trek through the forests and mangroves in between. I loved the Trekking experience as it was completely different from normal Treks that I had done in Himachals.

We did Jet Skiing, Banana Ride, One was Rocket Ride which was Hilarious and the Disco ride. All were amazing but I would recommend everyone to try Disco Ride once, the experience is exhilarating and you feel completely different after this Ride.

All these water sports I mentioned was for 100/person except for Disco Ride which was 600/ person.

And then comes the Snorkeling, for which I was super excited. It was a real Adrenaline rush, where you are entering the different eco-system, a world of small, beautiful fishes and corals. The gold fishes were passing to my face and hand. The experts came with us and they had Go-Pro and we’re taking all pictures and asking us to pose.We need a good depth and it was not at all frightening and it was all worth.

The price for Snorkeling was 1100/person.

Post our all activities, we had Fruit Salad and I forgot to take pictures of that salad bit Trust me it was the Best till now what I had in the name of Fruit Salad.We trekked back to the Bikes and this time , while coming back it was not that exciting as we were completely drained. We decided to do Scuba Diving the very Next Day.

We reached back to our stay by 7 P.M and then decided to go for Night Kayaking, this was one activity I was not aware of. We went to the centre for Night Kayaking. By the time we started, it was 9 P.M, and it was all dark. I had done kayaking before but still wasn’t able to peddle once. The guy, who was our instructor, taught me in a min and it was not that tricky but yeah it needs lot of strength. When we reached in the middle of the Sea, he asked us not to row and the Kayak was Stable. We put out hands inside the water and it lightened up, the beautiful biolumens were all in the water and the effect was spectacular. We tried hard but failed to click it through 📷. Then he took us to the sides where all mangroves were there and clicked us pictures.

The price was a little higher for Night Kayaking and it costed 2500/person.

Next morning was Scuba, The Thing that People come to Andamans. We went to Gypsy Divers, near to our stay Only. They gave us a Declaration form to fill up and a Diving Suit which comprised of a suit,a mask type thing to cover the head, the belt to keep us down in water and a Oxygen Cylinder. They took us in middle of Sea, gave us few instructions like ZNMD and then we are inside to explore everything we were imagining for a while. We went 10m deep and I saw a baby octupus coming out of a small hole, coral.reefs, though they were not very huge. We posed inside water and I was that excited that the pictures came utter Bad but the experience was amazing. We good a certificate as well for completing the Scuba Diving and I was so happy getting it as if I had won something.

The cost for Scuba Diving was 3500/person.

After the Scuba Diving, we went to the harbour tp come back to Portblair. I had to call off the Day as it was raining heavily in Portblair and that’s one setback in Andaman, that everything is flop once it starts to Rain.

Next day I went to Ross Island, the ferry starts from Port Blair and charges you for back and forth. I boarded the ferry boat at 10:30, reached in 15 mins and then the driver asked us to again be there at 11:45 to put us back to Portblair. Ross Island is barely 2 km away from Port Blair, can be reached either by the air, road or ferry routes which takes around 15 mins from the Aberdeen Jetty. This place, back in earlier times, was famous as the headquarters of the British Colony in the state. 
Ross Island offers splendid views of the sea, and you can sit for hours relaxing on the beach while enjoying the cool breeze.
Ancient Churches, magnificent light house, Peacocks and deers are the major attraction. The light and Sound show at the Ross Islands is amazing, but unfortunately not available due to Covid Scenario.

After the Ross Islands and post Lunch, we went back to see Cellular Jail as I had only seen the Light n Sound Show and not the entire Structure. Cellular Jail speaks itself about itself. The architectural beauty is awstruck and our luxurious establishments are not that planned these days .

The very next day was Chiriya Tapu, which is approximately 30km away from Port Blair, is an amazing spot for Bird watchers. The ride was smooth and we reached the spot and it was free of cost. My friend, who is a pro, took to a secret spot which was a muddy trek of 500 metres but again every hustle is worth in Andaman. There was a small Door alike entrance and water was gushing out of it and I got a few clicks and it came out to the perfection.

We trekked a higher elevation to a point known as Suicide Point. This is again one of the best trek I have done so far, close to 45mins of medium intensity trekking and you reach the point.
Though it is called as Sucide point, chances are that you abort the mission to Sucide witnessing the pristine view from the top.

There were few more places that we went like Choldhari, which is apparently famous for rasgullas, though I did find it any amazing but again there were spots where we can sit with Friends, take a stroll in the lap of Mother Nature.

I had 2 extra hours as my flight was delayed and I decided to see the Samudrika Marine Museum, which is a good source of information for Tribal communities, corals, reefs, aquatic life and almost everything that sums up the Andaman and fewer aspects of Nicobar Islands.

I did not get to see Nicobar Islands as it needs some special permissions due to Tribal Habitat.

I took some good souvenirs as well like Fridge Magnets as I love to collect, incense stick holders made up of shells, coconut oil and shops, spices from Meena Stores.

I had also managed to go for a morning walk and it was again a wonderful experience, the roads were clean and empty, few people were in the park. The weather was cold and yes it is always like that in Portblair in the Mornings.

There were few things I missed due to Rains was Neel Islands, Hut Bay or Little Andaman, Hoping it to cover the next time.

I had my biggest realisation on this trip that “ I love water more than Food".

Now few important things here:

  • The overall expenditure for this trip was around 32–35k including the flights

I tried covering almost all the activities and expenses and there could be some amount of fluctuations depending upon the season. Also, we got to know that corals get more bigger after the rains and hence we didn’t see much corals. According to locals, after the rains i.e. mid of October to December is the peak season to visit Andamans. In terms of cost, this trip was on the higher end, but I didn’t regret a single penny spent. Andamans is about an experience and not just a trip and no amount of days will be sufficient to cover all of it. I went for 5–6 days and it was good to my expectations but will definitely cover the rest in coming years.